06 Mayıs 2021, Perşembe

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Vakfıkebir Mayor Muhammet Balta, we are working by adding our night to our day so that the district attains a new vision and transforms it into a better and livable city. My aim is not to occupy the mayoral seat here forever; To design Vakfıkebir 50 or 100 years later. Nobody has the right to mortgage the future of this district where our citizens live just because someone criticizes it. Therefore, I am aware that I do not have such a right. That's why I don't consider every criticism. "If the criticisms in the coffee corners and streets were real, I shouldn't be in this office right now."



Underlining that they are working devotedly with all of their team to change Vakfıkebir, Mayor Balta said, “It takes a long time to realize big investments. In addition, it is not right to just throw the ball to local governments to realize such investments. Non-governmental organizations and media, especially our citizens, have to support this. Just as everybody giving the image that they know everything very well will not benefit Vakfıkebir's development, exaggerated and unfair criticisms leave a stain on us. Vakfıkebir does not deserve such a stain ”.



Chairman Balta continued: “Everyone seems to know everything very well. Our trouble is already due to knowing everything best. Sir, Vakfıkeb has not changed for fifty years. Now I am asking those who intensify the criticism by claiming that Vakfıkebir has not changed at all for fifty years: "What did you do to change Vakfıkebir? Which rational and guiding project did you come up with? For years, those who criticize Fol Stream for our bleeding wound; I'm asking you, sign, let me reform Fol Creek. The interiors of the buildings with a modern appearance are either unplastered or unpainted. When you try to sanction someone, they react. Is it possible for local governments to overcome all these problems without citizen support?



Stating that they brought some public lands to the municipality at low costs, even though they were transferred to the Metropolitan Municipality, Mayor Balta said, “I am not after advertising. So most of them are not known to the public. When needed, we will build social facilities on these areas. In addition, we prepared different zoning plans to make our district more modern; We made the allotments in line with the plan. From now on, instead of using box-like structures in narrow areas, we tried to provide opportunities for our young architects and engineers to work more comfortably by opening the way for construction in large areas, ”he said.



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